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i much rather a blount and randolph front court or randolph and haywood

imo sheed cant help us out to be honest his time is widing down only soo much he can do...and he'll only piss me off shooting threes, meaning to trial on a fast break so he can shoot a three.

he wont play like how we would want him to play being a full pledge garbage man who posts up racks up high double doubles and draw double teams

hes not that kind of player anymore those hay blazer days are finished...but sometimes he gives u a flash back

when we hold him to 0 points on our first meeting i really saw that he wasnt the same anymore....i mean yeah we are trying to play D but c'mon now holding him to 0 points...with who on him SAR????? KENNY FROGMAS???? puhhh leez!! so imagine when he goes up against guys like bosh KG etc. He may give us 1 good year but ofcourse u know we will come up short because we will be lacking something!!
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