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i know what you mean. Before this summer i played point guard all the time every possesion for my school team were not that good and i have to be like "the man" on it for us to be succesful my school coaches say and over the summer i have done nothing but train for basketball and play games. But on my aau team i play for in the summer i don't run point because of how good some of the kids are every person except 1 or 2 could run it for us. But now when in games when i do start playing point i cannot handle the ball at all. In practice i can do any stationary drill i practice my moves over and over and do them easily in practice but then in the games now i can't do them. then i have my coaches and parents on me about not taking enough shots and defering to my team to much. I had like a killer mentality on the court but now it seems like i've lost confidence do you guys know how i could get that back does anybody have a drill that i can do by myself that simulates pressure defense? I think that can help my ballhandling
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