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Originally Posted by Nastradamus
I guess I just don't agree. This is kind of a rebuild season, though I hope to make the playoffs at the same time. If Prince or Rip can bring us a C, that's fine, I'll do it, but we don't need another 1-4 at all, we are almost too deep. I would rather save the money and simply shed Rip/Tay if possible, ideally getting a draft pick. I don't need the exception to use, I'd just let it expire. I mean, Daye needs minutes at the 3, Summers or Jerebko will get some minutes there, TMac will get minutes there and Rip will as well, as there aren't enough minutes for him and Gordon not to play together for 10-15 per game. Tay will leave after the season anyways.

The bottom line is if Detroit lets Tay go for nothing they will be rebuilding much longer. Potentially a high lottery pick can be worth a gamble but I'd rather go for a for sure deal where we know what we are getting. Detroit is right about at the cap so there is no reason to shed payroll. If Tay signs somewhere else next year then we'll have cap room to sign someone as well. I'm still not for trading him for nothing. If we were going to let someone go for next to nothing it would be Rip before Tay.
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