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Originally Posted by kurple
Al Harrington can not start alongside Melo unless Dwight is the starting C, and that will NEVER happen.

Who will grab the defensive rebounds of Melo, Al and Nene?

Okafor & Posey > Beans and Vlad

I would rather keep K than trade him for Beans
-not ideal, but they have to start him- that's why I wanted a big c/pf shooter, they have to put a capable offensive player with carmelo and nene- its too hard on them
Can you guys really not see how damaging kmart is to team offense? And his D is very overrated (which I hope is good for trade value) but really he isn't that great on D- he can't handle any bigtime 4s or 5s in the post and is just really a good help defender jumping out and switching on different players- not a great position player or rebounder(even though is seemed he had a really strong stretch last season focusing on rebounding- I see a low iq small defender that gets the team in a scramble more often than his quick hands and feet make worth it
Kmarts role is a luxery and shouldn't take up 1/4 of the cap- that capspace needs to go somewhere else- nene is 5 times as good a pf as kmart and can match up against anyone including gasol or dirk
Beidrins is so much of a better fit here than okafor- I just can't see where you're coming from at all, and radmonovic at his size and ability to be at the four is better than posey as well- they both are eqauls on helping the offense but beidrins so much better for the D because nene isn't the biggest anymore- okafor is a lot smaller than you think and can't handle gasol or bynum- nene/gasol- beidrins/bynum looks way better for nugs than okafor would
These fans are trying to say nugs could get monta ellis + beidrins + radmonovic for jr smith + kmart + birdman- if karl won't honestly use jr smith getting another bigtime talent in exchange and a 7 footer would be worth it (even from an anti trade jr fan)- if karl won't use jr give monta a shot and see if chauncey rubs off on him
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