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Shogon your avatar offends me...

Darko honestly looks like Bert or Ernie(whichever is the yellow one) in Sesame Street. It scares me and offends at the same time.

Either way... Magic's future is dependent on the development of Dwight. I like the core we can have with Darko, Dwight, Ariza, DeShawn and Jameer. Couple of scorers on the bench and we have a very good core. That team there should be very good defensively.

Next year will be interesting though. Darko will create hype everytime he makes double figures until people realise thats not actually special for the 2nd pick in that draft(or any draft). Dwight hopefully adds to his post game and starts to reach unstoppable(no reason he shouldnt be at that stage by the end of next year). Rest of the team just needs to stay solid.
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