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Default Re: Most Overrated Recruits Of All-Time

Originally Posted by TheGame414
This thread is getting dumber. And it started out really stupid.

Did Walker turn out to be the next Vince Carter like he was hyped as? No, but that sure as hell doesn't put him anywhere near the top of the list of overrated recruits. He was a pretty good college player, averaging 16.1 points and 6.3 rebounds in '07-'08 and fell out of lottery consideration because of a third knee injury. And he played the last 27 games in the NBA last year after spending most of the year in the D-League, averaging 12 ppg.

That makes him one of the most overrated recruits ever? Maybe if he'd been the No. 1 recruit in his class and was receiving LeBron-type hype, sure. But as you said yourself, he was barely a Top 10 recruit by the time he was a senior. Who cares what they were ranked when they were younger? If that's your logic, then you should've had Derrick Caracter instead. He was once the No. 1 prospect in the 2006 class, ahead of Oden and Durant. But picking him wouldn't let you verbally fellate O.J. Mayo by proxy, would it?

He was a good- but not great- college player and played in the NBA, thus normally negating him from consideration, but for a guy who was hyped similarly to LeBron several years before LeBron, for a guy who was supposed to be the next about Felipe Lopez? But that's the problem with this thread. How do you gauge how "overrated" a guy was as opposed to there simply being ridiculous expectations placed upon someone when they're still a kid?

With time my friend with time. OJ averaged 21 ppg as a true freshman including a 37 point outburst on 3rd pick in the 2009 draft James Harden. He teams just wasn't very good. If he made it far in the tournament this wouldn't even be a debate. OJ is arguably and probably the best shooting guard in the world under 25 years old, Monta Ellis is the only one who is probably current better going into the season, but won't be after this season. He has yet to be the number 1 option on his team.

OJ within his first two seasons has put up 40 points on Chauncey Billups, 32 points on Brandon Roy, 32 points on Tracy McGrady, 32 points on Manu Ginobili, 28 points twice on Dwyane Wade, 25 points on Kobe Bryant. This is without being the number 1 option. Talent isn't the question with him, you can't do that to the best ball players in the world within your first two season unless your going to be a special nba player. I take it your a Rose fan and don't watch him alot, it is really all about getting enough touches. He is one of the most unused guards per possession in the league. If you aren't touching the ball there isn't much you can do statistically and he has still managed to do 18/4/3 and 3,000 points his first two seasons.

Kobe Bryant was deemed as the next Jordan coming out of high school, but couldn't even beat out Eddie Jones to start for the Lakers. Then average 7 ppg his rookie season.

OJ has all the tools to live up to his name and hype, once he leaves memphis in 2012 when contract expires and goes to a team without ball hogs his numbers will come. See Tracy Mcgrady in 2000 when he went to Orlando instead of playing with Vince Carter as a Raptor. He went from doing 15 ppg to 27 ppg after that switch of teams, skill never leaves a player.

You fans want every hyped player to make an immediate impact average 25 ppg with the first 2 or 3 seasons. It doesn't always work that way, some players take longer to reach their full potential, but when they do that's when the fun begins. Kobe wasn't really Kobe 2001 that's 5 NBA seasons it took. Then he didn't master his skills until 2003, that was his 7th year in the league.

Another overrated recruit had to have been Gerald Green. #1 SG in the 2005 class, projected as the better version of Vince Carter is now out of the NBA.

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