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Default Re: Some of the most Overrated Recruits Of All-Time

To add on.

A guy like Derrick Rose has been getting way more hype than his production, mainly because he plays for a big market and grew up around there, and has freakish athletism. He played well in a few playoff games as a rookie including the 36 points 11 assists games on the biggest stage so got more hype, respected same with Westbrook this year against the Lakers.

Rose was a 21/4/6 pg this past season, that's nothing special, talking elite terms, especially if you factor in that he had the largest usage rating per possession out of any other pg in the league. It was almost 6 points higher than OJ Mayo's, who in contrast was one of the most unused starting sgs per possession league. 3 ppg more on 3 more FGAs. 3 more assists per game one is a PG other is a SG.
Being the first option that Rose was I was expect prime Marbury nesque numbers like 24/4/9. Being the most used PG in the leauge possession wise. That's getting it done, even i'll hope on board that but 21/4/6 as a pg wake me up when there is some real production.

In 3 years when both Mayo and Rose are in their primes and number 1 options or ball dominator then we will see who is the better player and trust me on this the stats won't lie.
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