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Default Re: Friday Night game thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Posterize how did the OL look? What was the playcalling like? How did the defense look (and any new additions we added how did they fare)?
For the whole quarter that the 1st string was on the field Kolb didn't have any pressure on him and when he did he was able to roll out. I don't know how you measure it because I honestly don't think I can name a guy on the Jags D-line, but still good. He rolled out a couple times and made some throws on the run. He pretty much had all day and the 2 times the receivers weren't able to get open Kolb was able to make a play with his feet, gain 6-7 yards and get outta bounds.

Play calling was some of the same and some changes. They subbed in Vick for one passing play where he faked a hand-off and threw it to Celek for a 1st down. I hope they eventually abandon the Vick sub-in stuff because I think Kolb is good enough that he should be out there every play. They had an end-around play to DeSean where he shook some guy out his shoes and went for I'd say 16-17 yards.

Ways that I noticed play calling was different? There was an actual mix of run and pass, 8 carries to 11 passes. There weren't any passes to McCoy or Weaver in the backfield, they pretty much stayed back and blocked. The offense went more vertical than horizontal and trying to get yards after the catch.

The defense wasn't on the field enough to get a feel because they got stops and got right off. But Brandon Graham constantly had pressure on the QB and it wasn't all vs. the 2nd string. He popped Garrard something serious as he was releasing the ball.

If you read the guy on there talks about Kurt Coleman the safety from Ohio State. Says he was the best guy on the field but I didn't watch much of the 3rd and 4th, just peeked. He did lead the team in tackles though as I look now. Nate Allen, Mikell, and the linebackers really didn't get any work but Hobbs and Asante (shocker!) played well and had some good wrap up tackles. Asante's was even on a TE.

Chad Hall is an exciting little ****er. And Riley Cooper made some big catches but they were from Vick not Kolb.
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