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Default Who's the fastest player in the NFL?

The episode of the ABC reality show "Shaq Vs.," featuring Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson airs tonight at 9 o'clock. As we have told you previously, the show was taped this spring in Los Angeles.

In the weekly show, Shaquille O'Neal faces other athletes or entertainers in their chosen field.

In this episode, O'Neal is joined by Jackson, the Titans' Chris Johnson and Dwight Howard , of the Orlando Magic, for a 200-meter race against Tyson Gay.

DeSean twitter:
Tune into "Shaq VS" tonight! @deseanjackson10 races Chris Johnson of the Titans. Who is the fastest man in the nfl? It May surprise you.

Might have to check in to this. Just wanted to make you aware of the show but we can turn this into a poll or something. The guys that come quickly to mind:

CJ Spiller
Ted Ginn
Fabian Washington
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