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Default Re: Who's the fastest player in the NFL?

After watching the clip of the Shaq vs. Gay race, and then the relay, it was pretty obvious it was staged.

I know this is a meaningless made for TV event, but what I took from it.

1. Althought I knew he was one of the best pure athletes in the world, Dwight Howard is even faster than I thought he was.

2. Gay's time in what was supposed to be a 60m was 6.09. The WR is 6.39, so Gay didn't run a full 60m. I know that isn't really important, just found it interesting.

3. In the relay it didn't look like CJ or DJ were particularly running their hardest.

4. Shaq and Gay received the baton at virtually the same time, yet Shaq almsot somehow beats him? Yeah, right. Gay is the fastest man in America and the 2nd or 3rd fastest in the world, yet he needs a lean over the finish line to beat a 7'+ 350 pound late 30's basketball player? It was very obvious that Gay shortened his stride for a second or towards the end of his leg and timed it where he could use his lean to beat Shaq.

Anyway, I'd love to see what many feel to be the 8 fastest players in the NFL and have them race in a 100m dash.

Something else I've always thought would be interesting would be for the NFL to pick 8-10 guys and the NBA pick 8-10 guys and compete in a T&F decathlon. I know that it would never happen, but it would make for great must see TV.

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