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Default 12.01.07 Rox@sac

well i guess we all are fed up with this team...heck guys arent even making game threads any more hmmm! well for those that dnt know we lost!

i kno i kno tell u something we dnt about this u guys dnt kno this but i'll be joining targus in a minute lol i cant stomach these loses any more....get this, another lost under our belts and yet still no frickin MOVES!!

thank God for ron and corliss these guys are really playing their ass off
ron hit that clutch three to send the game into overtime

bibby got excited and starting jacking up threes because he wants to say he saved the game or "had to take the leader postion and 'lead' us to a victory" BS bibby u cost us the game and judging by Muss's face i think he is even tired of bibby n all

the score was 118-1something who cares we lost

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