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Default Re: Can Palmer regain his top 5 quarterback form?

Theres no reason he can't, not sure what the hell his issue is 3,100 passing yards is pathetic, that is scrub sh1t even after that Pittsburgh knee injury he still posted back to back 4,000+ passing yards and 26+ TD passing TD's seasons so I dont think its that. Maybe its that elbow since he messed it up he's lost strength according to reports and been miserable. If he doesn't net close to 3,800 passing yards or more this year we know he's definitely lost it physically, his skills have erroded at that point he's got Ochocinco, T.O, Gresham, Shipley, Bryant, great running game with Benson/Scott and good offensive line everything is set up so we'll see but I'm not optimistic personally after last year's debacle.
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