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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Roy Munson
The Road

After seeing the trailors and hearing about it from friends, going into it I thought there would be more interaction between the two main characters and other survivors. After thinking about it, it makes more sense to limit the times they ran into others. Overall, I liked it. Some of the scenes will definitely make you think, and a lot of them are downright depressing. The scenes with Viggo and his son talking about killing themselves and planning how they would do it were hard to watch.


Oh yeah, Omar Little also makes a cameo.

i didn't like it much. i guess i was hoping for more action and i just got bored. it had quite a few creepy scenes (the one u mentioned, the "food" in the locked basement). it did, however, show a more detailed, realistic look at a post-apocalymptic future.
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