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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Captain Kirk

The Experiment

This is NOT a remake of the Stanford experiment that occurred with undergraduates. It runs along those same lines, but it's not meant to be a direct remake. For one, the participants in the experiment are citizens (all men). I'm a sucker for most things Adrien Brody (not to mention Forest Whitaker), so I wanted to watch this before I even knew what it was about. I definitely recommend this movie. I rate it: Good

I was wondering if anyone else watched the screener that was just leaked. I just watched it too and thought it was a terrible movie.


+ Adrien Brody is a good actor and has little problems creating a sympathetic character. Some similarities to his character in The Jacket.
+ Damn Maggie Grace is hot. I could have gone with more random imagination scenes with her just to get away from seeing what was actually going on in the "prison".

- The movie establishes a set of rules then throws them out the window completely almost instantly.
- I read that the German movie had more of a presence from the "people behind the camera" and this version was sorely lacking that. The entire plot made little sense without it.
- The insulin stuff. Are you kidding me? If this was a true guard-prisoner scenario then there would not have been any debate as to how to handle such a situation. This arbitrary "no outside things" voids the entire experiment and turns it into more of a torturer-victim experiment.
- The anti-war protest and India scenes were so ham-fisted in the context of this film. It was almost insulting to have such obvious setup and contrast scenes.

I hated this movie. I never want to see it again. If you want something along these lines that is good, check out the sci-fi film Cube. It's more creative, exciting, more thought-provoking and overall a much better movie.
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