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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I was wondering if anyone else watched the screener that was just leaked. I just watched it too and thought it was a terrible movie.


- The movie establishes a set of rules then throws them out the window completely almost instantly.
- I read that the German movie had more of a presence from the "people behind the camera" and this version was sorely lacking that. The entire plot made little sense without it.

Not sure I see how it didn't make sense. Yes, there were a set of rules, particularly no violence. But what led to their actually being violence is the guards testing how much they could do without the red light turning on. I do believe in the original experiment (I think) that the people behind the cameras were also apart of the experiment the way the guards and prisoners was. So I agree the movie was lacking in that area as at times it was strange to show the camera view if no one was behind it. But what led me to forgive that was the idea that the presence of the camera and red light (representations of authority) were there to see how far the guards would go with the belief that as long as the light didn't come on and no one stopped the experiment after seeing what's happening through the cameras, that what they did was ok, no matter how immoral the actions were.

And it was set up pretty early when one prisoner talks with Adrien Brody about the idea that humans are just as much animal as any other creature on earth. This made me think of Plato and the Ring of Gyges, which basically says that man is only moral as a product of fear. Since no one interfered and the light never turned on, the guards had no reason to fear the consequences of what they were doing. The only thoughts that were present were selfish ones relating to them being feared and dominate over the prisoners, particularly Brody since he was the ring leader.

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
- The insulin stuff. Are you kidding me? If this was a true guard-prisoner scenario then there would not have been any debate as to how to handle such a situation. This arbitrary "no outside things" voids the entire experiment and turns it into more of a torturer-victim experiment.

The reason they didn't want to give him his insulin is because there was already tension between the two groups and the guards were feeling a bit humiliated and tested, so at this point they were just starting to do whatever they could to gain the upper ground on the prisoners. And this is where the cameras (which I believe it was intended for them to only be dummy cams with no one watching, but to give the idea that there was authority behind them) came into play. They felt if whoever behind the camera didn't come in and say "give him the insulin", then it was ok to refuse him the insulin.

You also have to take into account the interviews that occured before it started, where you get a sense of who the core characters are as individuals, their ethical stances and things of that nature (which ultimately led to how easy they would be influenced under pressure or break), particular the devowed Christian played by Whitaker, who turned out to be the worst of them all. Also consider that 14 grand is on the line, and if they break any of the 5 rules they don't get paid. And Whitaker desperately needed the money, which could explain his willingness to push the limits. Though later he became motivated by something monstrous.

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
- The anti-war protest and India scenes were so ham-fisted in the context of this film. It was almost insulting to have such obvious setup and contrast scenes.

I didn't take those as having anything to do with the whole movie but rather Brody's character specifically, since he was a main character. Notice you usually saw the India scenes when it came to Brody and some punishment he received for going up against the guards, and how the things they did to him were breaking him. The girl called him a pussy for his nonviolent ways (reason for showing the rally at the start of the movie, to set up his character), but the worst the actions got against him in the prison, the more that person he was begin to fade away, but he would think about India, and the way the girl described it almost as if to hold on to the person he was before all hell broke loose inside.
Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I hated this movie. I never want to see it again. If you want something along these lines that is good, check out the sci-fi film Cube. It's more creative, exciting, more thought-provoking and overall a much better movie.

I've heard of it. I may check it out some time. But I mainly watched this film because I'm a fan of Brody and Whitaker, not to mention David Banner being in it, that was a nice little touch. He appears to have a lot of talent we don't know about (thinking of that gatorade song).

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