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There are problems with this team.

I think it centers on, well, the center.

More so on Isiah's rotation.

Frye was eating them up at the center position and should have been left there. He is more athletic then Curry and Brezac could not take him. Okafor was also having trouble with Frye. But Zeke is stubborn to the point of proving a point even though the team loses.

Frye was hot, why go away from what is working?

I can't see Lee losing minutes because of Q. That is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jefferies should have been the one losing minutes.

Again Zeke is going backward and not seeing what gave us the wins only what he wants to see.

He's playing contracts again and we lose.

Again he is stifling guys like Lee, Frye and Balkman. They were the one's who were playing well when we win. Curry too but he only plays well against lesser opponents and disappears against the better players in the league.
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