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I still feel that way.

It's effort on defense and like I have been saying help defense and the willingness to intimidate in the paint.

That should be Curry's job since he is physically capable, but mentally I don't know if he has it. He has to understand that not ever game is his to score at will or be the go to guy, it's a team. He has other responsibilities, so when the scoring isn't there he has to have more emphasis on rebounding and playing D.

He disapears......

I also saw a lot of stagnation on offense.

But it's the defense and the big problem is Crawford. He just doesn't want to play defense. He doesn't ever help out as I see Frye, Lee, Jefferies, Q and Balkman do.

That's why Crawford is a bench player and should come off the bench for his instant offense. He is not a starter and is not strong enough to cover the bigger SG's in the league. Q is the 2 but has to lose a few pounds to get more quickness and flexibility.
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