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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.


If you like Scarface, or City of God, you'll likely like this movie. It's almost a combination of the two, except it's set in South Africa after the Apartheid. As you've no doubt surmised, it's about a poor boy from the slums, who brings himself up via organized crime to become a sort of real estate kingpin of Johannesburg.

Remember the scene from "Heat" where they knock over the armored car by blocking it's path, then t-boning it with the semi? One of the characters was watching that movie, saw that scene, then did the same exact thing in one of their heists, ignoring the pleas from his gang beforehand telling him "That's only a movie man, that shit will never work!" I thought that was a nice touch(and towards the beginning of the movie as well, so I'm not giving much away). There are more than a few clever scenes like that.

The cinematography and acting were both pretty good, as were the production values, but the plot did seem to meander about a bit in the second half. Still, I'd recommend it. It's a pretty smart, authentic feeling movie.

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