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I'm actually confident they will be able to play very well together..

I have always thought that JR has played better with Melo on the floor cuz he didn't have to force it (I still don't want him to start)..

Now you have a more mature Ty (remember he was a rookie, and I think he didn't want to try to do to much) and Al Harrington to take off some of the scoring load in the 2nd unit off JR's shoulders.

And Al seems very motivated to play the role the choaches want him to.. I remember reading a great interview in the Denver Post..

And do you think Billups, Melo, KMart, Ty and GK will let them both shoot as much as they did last year?

JR can be DNP'd if he continues chucking, cuz we have Al & Ty now.

And JR playing in summer league was a good sign IMO. Shows he's willing to work on his game
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