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Originally Posted by Voice of Reason
So you watch life from a window. Funny.
and how do you figure?

So you're 16yrs old and you're trying to tell me about 50 cent whom you dont know, whom is older than you. Based on what you were told by people you played ball with that supposedly went to the same school with him.

i don't have to know him, i live and i'm growing up in pretty much the same place he did, I've seen people get shot, robbed, selling drugs. Thats all a part of public schools here in new york.

Oh and that you know more than I ever will. Yes your age is now shining. I'll stick to people who actually live in Queens where 50 grew up and thier word over yours. A teenager who never experienced much outside of net, video games and shooting hoops.
and who are these "people"? and why would i lie about living in queens?

Its a gang.
prove it, your old ass talking about gangs froma bet video you found on youtube just doesn't cut it.
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