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Originally Posted by Voice of Reason
You dont live where he did. Stop trying to be a wannabe. You got childproof bars on your windows, a curfew the internet and a video game system (to keep you occupied) overprotective mother. You're not seeing no parts of the hood and the negativity it has. You want too so the closest thing you have is to say "I live 15-20 from the projects!".

You're a teenager. Stay that way.
how do you try to be a wannabe?
jamaica and cambia heights is not really projects, whitestone is.
and i said i lived 15mins from andrew jackson, the HS which is in the middle of it all.
I'm not in any way hood or gangsta because i see what these people turn into, i still get to see all of it. We have gang fights at school and people got shot, thats why every day before school we have to wait 20mins on a line getting scanned for weapons.

you still didn't explain the whole gunit gang, i know you're trying to avoid it by changing the topic because you know you made that **** up.
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