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Wrong again HKSVIP. The numbers are decieving. Nash's career assist percentage is lower because those numbers were low at the beginning of his career at phoenix when his playing time was low due to playing behind Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson. Here are his assist per game averages and thier minutes per game over the years:

Steve Nash---- Stephon Marbury
96-97 2.1 10.5---- 7.8 34.7
97-98 3.4 21.9---- 8.6 38.0
98-99 5.5 31.7---- 8.9 38.7
99-00 4.9 27.4---- 8.4 38.9
00-01 7.3 34.1---- 7.6 38.2
01-02 7.7 34.6---- 8.1 38.9
02-03 7.3 33.1---- 8.1 40.0
03-04 8.8 33.5---- 8.9 40.1
04-05 11.5 34.3---- 8.1 40.0
05-06 10.5 35.5---- 6.4 36.5

Total 7.1 30.0---- 8.1 38.5

When you do the math it shows that the only reason that Marbury has high assist numbers is that he plays a very high number of minutes. Nash's assists per game is hurt by low playing time early in his career. Nash's last 3 seasons have easily been better than Marbury's! The most important part is the winning percentage. It doesn't take a genious to figure out who has won more in this league: Nash! Marbury is overrated and overpaid! Marbury this season made $16.453 million, (same as iverson) while nash made $9.625 million this season. Nash has a better shooting percentage and has a higher assist to turnover ratio!

Marbury is will probably play better next season because his morale will be higher without LB around and Isiah will probably let him do his thing, but it will not last long. He will make everyone else on that team mad at him and he will undermine the team. Nash is the better player, and has won more, Marbury has never gotten past the first round of the playoffs in his entire career!
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