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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony?

Here's one scenario I came up with, including the Memphis Grizzlies:

Grizzlies Out: Hamed Haddadi, Rights to Xavier Henry, 2011 2nd Rounder, 2012 2nd Rounder, 2013 2nd Rounder
Grizzlies In: Ty Lawson, Brian Cook

Grizzlies seem to have problems signing Henry, so they deal him along with three second rounders and a project C to pickup a nice point guard prospect, which they need badly.

Lawson - Mayo - Gay - ZBo - Marc with a key bench of Conley - Allen - Thabeet.

Nuggets Out: Carmelo Anthony, Ty Lawson, JR Smith
Nuggets In: Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Bledsoe, Ryan Gomes, Rights to Xavier Henry, Rights to Sofoklis Schortsianitis, Grizzlies 2011/2012/2013 2nd Round Picks, T'Wolves 2011 First (Top 10 Protected, no protection in 2012)

Nuggets might believe they will lose Melo, so they deal him to get as many assets as possible. They do deal their prospective point guard of the future, but Bledsoe can fill in that role very well. Gomes is a decent stopgap at the three on a cheap three year deal and Aminu/Henry are rookies who can form a nice duo at the wings, not to mention four picks, one of which is projected to be a top pick.

Starting Unit: Billups - Afflalo - Harrington - Nene - Kaman with a bench of Bledsoe - Henry - Balkman - Aminu - Gomes - Birdman - Martin

Clippers Out: Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Bledsoe, Ryan Gomes, Rights to Sofoklis Schorsianitis, T'Wovles 2011 First
Clippers In: Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Hamed Haddadi

Clippers deal two key young players and a pick they were looking forward to, along with their all-star center for a chance to make some noise.

Finalize the roster by bringing back Mardy Collins. Sign Rasho Nesterovic, send Haddaddi to the Wolves along with a $1 million for Kosta Koufos (Koufos is an upgrade). Etan Thomas to have a veteran big man as well.

Depth Chart:
PG: Baron Davis | Randy Foye | Willie Warren
SG: Eric Gordon | J.R. Smith | Mardy Collins
SF: Carmelo Anthony | Rasual Butler
PF: Blake Griffin | Craig Smith | Etan Thomas
CE: DeAndre Jordan | Rasho Nesterovic | Kosta Koufos
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