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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony?

Originally Posted by dab0yech0
Wouldn't mind doin something like

Kaman, Aminu, Warren, Clipps 2011 1st, Twolves 2012 1st


Melo, JR Smith

assuming salaries add up.

JR Smith would be the sixth man off the bench. It would be deadly to have JR Smith and Butler off the bench to spread out the defense.
As dumb as J.R. can be.. hes a good gamble right now. It is possible that with a change of team he may change a bit.. and he can be a deadly shooter when hes hot.

Plus, if he doesnt work out (which is likely) then he becomes a 6mil expiring contract.

The only issue I see is the city of L.A. Smith would go haywire probably..
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