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Default Re: Turkoglu and Childress?

Originally Posted by DirtBag
so whats your take on Childress' stats this year?
I don't know much about his game to be honest. Never really paid attention to the Hawks. I did a quick google search on his scouting report and he seems like someone who is effective in the paint which should compensate Amare's absence a bit.
Player Type: Lanky, versatile 2-way guard-forward

Strengths: Childress is an insanely efficient offensive player -- his offensive ratings over his 4-year NBA career have been: 113.0 in '05, 121.3 in '06, 118.8 in '07, and 126.5 in '08. These numbers are driven by Childress' monster shooting percentages; in 2008 he shot 57.1% from the floor and had a 64.7 TS%, and his career TS% is 59.9%. Basically, Childress is a fantastic finisher inside, a very good offensive rebounder for a wing, he's adept at drawing fouls and making FTs, and he has a talent for getting easy buckets in transition. You can say that his great percentages are the result of taking nothing but easy shots, but he's constantly getting himself into position to take (and make) those easy baskets. Defensively, Childress has long arms and can be disruptive on the wing.

Weaknesses: The flip-side to Childress' great efficiency is that he can't really create shots with any regularity. His handle and floor game aren't very good, his jumper is weak with bad form, and he rarely takes shots from outside the paint, so he's a limited offensive player in that regard. He's also rail-thin and can't defend stronger players, especially inside. Because of these drawbacks, Childress will never be more than a highly-efficient NBA role player.

Favorite shot: Anything inside.
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