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Default Re: Turkoglu and Childress?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
Amare got points in the paint though, most in the league. Replacing him with a jump shooter and not improving your board work is a recipe for disaster.
I think our depth has improved and we get another mismatch in Hedo. Sure, we won't be as dominant inside but I don't think we take a hit defensively or on the boards. Amare is a terrible defender despite having all the physical tools and he was only getting around 6 boards a game in our run to the conference finals this year. I think we have enough guys who can pick up the slack. Hedo can spread the floor on offense and gives us another ball handler to take pressure off of Nash. And I think he won't have much trouble taking other 4s off the dribble. We do lose our dominance in the paint but Childress and Warrick seem to be guys who are effective inside. Plus, playing with Nash is always a benefit.

Hopefully, we can pull off another run this season. I'm a bit skeptical about the rebounding, though.
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