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Only rap group I know to actually be gang affiliated is Byrd Gang, that's an actual gang. And there was a set called Dip Set, said to be a Diplomat off shoot that was getting into so much trouble it was wrote up in a news mag and was blamed for a bevy of crimes.

I personally don't think 50 was all that gangsta. I think, and this is my pure uneducated opinion, that he did dirt but mostly hid behind his consorts. It's widely known that the dude that shot him, got his get back by 50's man.

Can't comment on Game either, but I do know what I've saw on that Snop Snitchin video. Dude was in Queens, 50's own block, with nothing but a couple of hoods and a burner on his hip. Even played ball at a local court. That took some cojones you ask me. Some of that other stuff might be suspect, but even Tookie Williams, the most talked about gang banger of our generation was on some tv show posing like he was Buffy the Body. So you make the call.

But I'm with Game. 50's fallen off, has lost a ton of street cred, and his music is sub par. Game's making waves and he's getting better. "Young homey got shyt locked"
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