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Default Anyone Here Hates Suicide?

I mean who Doesnt? But ya know what i mean ,, I hate this shit the most..

Damn old folks (Homer, middle aged guys) in the gym tryna get me back in shape.. they were like hell no *name*
they my homies tho.

they let me run suicide 2 laps , wait no , They Forced me to run 2 laps of suicides... and not just that... they forced me to do 8 laps around the court.

i almost died out there... I used to be buffed and shit then i got lazy and started messin around..

I could run about 10+ of suicides before.

ahh shit I was so close before..

im 16 years old ,... still got time..


p.s. When i started playin again , Is it normal to get exhausted on a game of 21?

Its my body system its really weak right now... maybe half court sprint is shit for me.
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