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Originally Posted by Cosmonaut
i am also torn on this trade being a rockets fan, the upsides of the trade are alot, we get younger and alot more athletic, but I think to get that number 4 pick we will have to give up a first rounder next year or give up luther head, but if the rockets and portland are still discussing this offer then something could go down, but usually when deals get leaked to the public they never happen

I wouldn't assume there is anything else to the trade, such as Luther or a future pick. If they had to throw in Luther to make it work, I think that puts me slightly on the other side of the fence again. A pick wouldn't make much difference to me since the Rockets SHOULD be a playoff/border-line contender for the next 4 or 5 years, therefore their picks won't be so hot anyway. Of course, this year shows that anything could happen on that front.

Basically what it comes down to about this trade is taking a chance. It's a big one, but the payoff would be franchise-changing indeed.
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