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Originally Posted by picc84
Wow. You dont get it do you? Kobe getting raped on calls is something that has been going on for a long time. Not just tonight. Tonight was just another example. I'm pleased with the win, but the continuing trend is something that should bother ANY laker fan regardless of whether we win a game or not. If its continuing, its going to happen again, and might be the reason we lose a game. The fact that there are players like Wade getting a fair/more than fair shake from the refs while Kobe gets hacked to death is disturbing at any point in the season, win streak or loss streak. You dont care about that?


I'm damn old. I learned not to care too much about the future and not to whine too much about the past, especially when (as with most cases) I have literally no say as to how things will work out.

I've learned being happy about what we have (a win) and not feeling bad about things we don't (some foul calls going our way).

So you got me: I basically do not care too much about those foul calls. What I do care about is the good game and the win.
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