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Guys, we have a 25-13 record with this approach. All that with Lamar and Mihm being out. It's good enough. None of us befire the season would have thought we'd have such a good record w/o those two players.

Wade is getting more FTs. Yep. Some of that is deserved some of that is not. However, Lakers won tonight. That's the bottom line for me.

All that is true and I don't think there's a Laker fan on the board who will disagree with it, but that doesn't mean people should bite their toungues when they percieve the game to be being called as lopsided as it was tonight. The Lakers could easily have lost this game, it was closer than it *should* have been. There were some badly blown calls that seemed to go primarily against the Lakers, at home.

I swear this board has Laker fans so abused that all some people think we can do it reprint box scores without commenting.
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