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Originally Posted by Laker Logic
All that is true and I don't think there's a Laker fan on the board who will disagree with it, but that doesn't mean people should bite their toungues when they percieve the game to be being called as lopsided as it was tonight.

They shouldn't.

I only feel bad for them because they seem to forget being happy about the win itself, which is far more important at this stage than a few calls not going our way. Basically the more you attack CONSISTENTLY the more FTs you are going to get.

Bryant had it figured out this year that it's a whole lot better for the team if he is not trying to overtake too many games himself. And it is. He sure is losing some deserved free throws in the process, but the team also has more W. Which is far more important.

This being said, noone should bite their tongues.
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