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Originally Posted by picc84
Thats bs. There have been numerous games where Kobe has relentelessly attacked to no avail, both this year and last. And what if he did? At what point do you stop and realize that its not working? Do you keep on driving into people knowing its going to result in a TO, a miss, or a charge because a call was not made? At some point you have to stop that because its less productive than simply shooting a jumper.

Not only that, but he gets hacked outside the paint as well and receives less calls than guys like Wade get outside the paint. Or at least, less questionable ones. The refs have simply decided who is going to get calls, and who isnt.

I love how you call me out and ask me to substantiate my comments and then turn around and post conspiracy theories like this. Way to be consistent. I'm sure you won't get a Laker Logic smart-a$$ response to this one, though...
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