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Originally Posted by qrich
From what I saw of this game[everything but the first quarter], the only reason the Heat would get the breaks would be either off of strips, blocks or Kobe looking for a foul and not to put the ball into the hoop, while everytime I saw Wade drive, he was looking to get the ball into the hoop[exception being the last drive] instead of jumping up and throwing his arms. It's simple, you drive, look to score and get hacked, the refs blow the whistle, you drive with the only intent of drawing a foul, then throw your arms in the air after being stripped, no call.

I think that's a big part of it, actually. Take the play at the end of regulation where Kobe drove into a pack of players and expected the call. Never mind that the refs usually won't blow the whistle in that situation (final possession of a tie game), but the fact is that Kobe had no intention of (and there was no possibility of) finishing that drive off. He was fishing for one. That tendency, coupled with the incessant "HEEEEEY's," has perhaps made refs give him the cold shoulder.
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