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Here's what the Rockets are working with at the moment...

PG: Alston | Head
SF: McGrady | Bowen
PF: Howard | Swift | Hayes
C:: Yao | Mutombo

Here's what I'm thinking...

First of all, assume that the Rockets do the Miles trade (Miles/#4 for Howard/#8). The Hornets have been rumored to want Shelden Williams, but the Hawks have been rumored to have given him a promise at #5. If the Rockets drafted Shelden for the Hornets at #4, they could turn around and give the rights to New Orleans for the #12 and J.R. Smith, who they've been looking to dump. New Orleans would still have #15 so giving up the #12 wouldn't be such a big deal in my mind.

Ok, back to the draft. At least one of the following players is almost certain to be there at #12 and the Rockets would take their pick depending on who they like most...


Of course they'd still have the #32, as well as the MLE to throw at a free agent. So if they play their cards right, this could be their lineup...

PG: Rafer Alston | Mikes James (MLE) | Luther Head
SG: Tracy McGrady | (whoever is left at #12 out of Brewer, Redick, or Carney)
SF: Darius Miles | J.R. Smith | Ryan Bowen
PF: Stromile Swift | #32 pick? | Chuck Hayes
C:: Yao Ming | Dikembe Mutombo

They also have a 1.6 mil trade exception and a 4.2 mil trade exception. For those that don't know (which included me until recently), TE's can only be used to trade for a player who is already under contract at a similar amount of money as the exception. They cannot be combined with anything. The Rockets GM was on the radio a couple of days ago and said they are a lot easier to use at the trade deadline, and didn't sound like they would have too much success with them during the summer. Still, they could become useful.

So...what do you think? Personally, if that happened and everybody played at least decent, I think the Rockets would be pretty nasty. If the Miles trade is real and it actually goes down, this scenario suddenly becomes quite do-able.

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