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Far as the best qb, Peyton Manning will go down in the record books as the statistically greatest qb to take a snap. I have no doubts of that. But if you look at Tom Brady, whose had a later start, all the adversity he's had on his back, you have to take a real good look at this guy for [i]one of[i] the goat's consideration. He doesn't put up gaudy numbers, but he consistently has with probably the most unstable receiving corps of all the top tiered qbs in the league. He's clutch in crunch time considerations, and rarely if ever have I seen him make a game killing play in the fourth. And on his way to three rings, he led his team in position on each of those last drives to give his team a chance to win. So is Tom Brady>>>Peyton Manning? That's a very good question.


Top 5
1. Tom Brady.- That play against Brian Urlacher stands out. And in crunch games makes that throw that nobody else sees but turns out to be the play of the game. Heart and soul of New England.
2. Peyton Manning.- Even with a porous defense, his offensive prowess seems to dominate all aspects of the game.
3. Donovan McNabb.- Despite the injury, the Eagles look to McNabb as the captain of their ship. ...which consequently may have changed this year.
4. Brett Favre.- Old reliable. Terrible as he's been, his presence on the field alone speaks. Even through all the losing, still went out and gave 100% effort.
5. Vince Young.- Hear me out. You look what his heart and spirit did for the Titans after he took the helm, you can't deny the kid's leadership capabilities.

Bottom 5
1. Aaron Brooks.- Made zero impact on the Raiders. No locker room presence. Looked asleep at the wheel.
2. Rex Grossman.- Guys are out there playing for a ring and you say "i didn't really prepare for this game...i'll take the next one seriously..." will haunt this kid his whole career. Beleagured, under the gun, and you didn't prep? You don't deserve to start.
3. Mark Brunell.- Was just positively horrible.
4. That qb in Cleveland.- If teammates have to restrain one of your receivers from coming after you, you're not wearing the pants on the offense.
5. Eli Manning.- Doesn't even believe in himself so why should anybody else.

Future Success

Top 5
1. Philip Rivers.- He has LT for several more seasons, and that young Chargers defense.
2. Vince Young.- Tremendous upside. Already at this stage of his career a better passer than Mike Vick and just as dangerous with his legs.
3. Tony Romo.- Can make any conceivable throw. His abundance of confidence tells me he'll bounce back from playoff blunder.
4. Jay Cutler.- I'd say he looks like a young Elway even if he didn't play for Denver.
5. Matt Leinart by default of his receiving corps

Bottom 5

1. Chris Simms.- How did he ever become a pro qb? His dad has got to have dirt on the commish or something.
2. Charlie Frye.- Who does he play for again?
3. JP Losman.- Makes some of the most boneheaded throws you'd swear he was still under Drew Bledsoe's tutelage.
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