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Default I agree.

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Let's say I AGREE with you about every point you made (I don't). EVERY STAR player in the league, especially all star guard types has a game, or two, or three or a dozen where someone could write out exactly what you did and moan about the officiating.

The DIFFERENCE is, Bryant Fanatics try to make it into something much more sinister. As if there was some memo from Stern saying to favor Wade. They are trying to tarnish his career so anytime he accomplishes something they can say "Waaah, the refs".

That is straight bullshyt and regardless of whether you like Wade or not, you should be disgusted by it.

Even though I obviously dislike Bryant a lot, I wouldn't stoop to trying to dismiss his entire career as being the result of ref favoring. But there is no level that extreme Bryant fans won't sink to.

He takes TWO fts per game more than Kobe, and drives into the paint much more often. Please tell me where the conspiracy is.

As a Laker fan it's embarrassing. This is coming from a guy who thinks Kobe will be go down as the SECOND best 2 guard of All time.

However I had to leave the Fanatics alone after these 3 events.

1. Right after & during the 3-peat that Kobe is better then Jordan.

2. After Shaq is traded they basically tar & feather him. Yes he was lazy at times & said the wrong things. You can't do that to a man who was a MAJOR part of winning THREE straight championships.

3. The smear campaign against Wade because he is a so called threat to Kobe's legacy. I know because I felt the same thing about Duncan & Shaq.

However I never tried to discredit Duncan's accomplishments like the fanatics.
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