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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

His position isnt that vital and he should have never been given that kind of money with 3 years left on the deal. The Jets in their cheap ways and false promises caused this. They never take care of their own.

Considering the Jets pass rush is abysmal at best with the front 7 it was absolutely imperative they had Revis on the field.

Originally Posted by franchize
Welcome to the Island of Revis.Many have visited.....NONE have returned!!!

it's a smiley party and all you guys are invited.

Only thing that sucks is Calvin Pace is out 4-6 weeks which means more of Brian Thomas I was hoping he'd be forced to the bench with the addition of Jason Taylor.

Our 1st game is going to be rough.The Ravens just got even better this off season with the addition of TJ

I can see where you come from honestly it is of major concern to me as well that he has shown no signs of improvement whatsoever. There are no real excuses for him not be successful with the running game and receivers he has.

Originally Posted by Bano114
All you Jet fans may hate me for saying this but I think Mark Sanchez is going to have a horrible year this year. He's nothing special...I dont see him having a good year.

The Jets have a tougher schedule this season. I think all things considered 10 wins would be special and this team isnt what anyone wants to see in the playoffs!
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