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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

how is our pass rush abyssmal?we dont play conventional D.sure we dont have D-ends who have a ton of sacks but that's not where we send our pressure.We blitz our backs and backers.We put pressure on that ass.Thats y we need a guy like Revis to be able to cover w/o help.As far as Sanchez,it wont matter how much better he got.Itll matter how much we rely on him.I would rather him be the same and we stick to running than him get a lil better and we let become a passing offense like the "other" team in NY did last year.We can afford to have Shonn Greene avg 3 yardsper carry like Brandon Jacobs did last year.Besides,we were in the AFC championship game last year n Sanchez was far from spectacular.As long as LT plays like he played in preseason and Pace comes back sooner rather than later, barring injury,we are going to be a force.For all the Giants fans talking crap,you guys may not even sniff the playoffs.
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