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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Originally Posted by franchize
how is our pass rush abyssmal?we dont play conventional D.sure we dont have D-ends who have a ton of sacks but that's not where we send our pressure.We blitz our backs and backers.We put pressure on that ass.Thats y we need a guy like Revis to be able to cover w/o help.As far as Sanchez,it wont matter how much better he got.Itll matter how much we rely on him.I would rather him be the same and we stick to running than him get a lil better and we let become a passing offense like the "other" team in NY did last year.We can afford to have Shonn Greene avg 3 yardsper carry like Brandon Jacobs did last year.Besides,we were in the AFC championship game last year n Sanchez was far from spectacular.As long as LT plays like he played in preseason and Pace comes back sooner rather than later, barring injury,we are going to be a force.For all the Giants fans talking crap,you guys may not even sniff the playoffs.

You can't play it off like Sanchez can have a mediocre year and the Jets still make the super bowl like they claim they will.

If you look at the starting QB's to win a super bowl since 2005 they were all good QB's, most of them elite QB's.

2010: Drew Brees
2009: Ben Roethlesburger
2008: Eli Manning
2007: Peyton Manning
2006: Ben Roethlesburger
2005: Tom Brady

Mark Sanchez can not be mentioned with any of those QB's skill wise. He's done little to improve. Defense helps win championships but with out a legit QB you aren't going to get it done. Look at the Bears in 07. They had no QB but a great D. Now look at the Steelers, great D, legit QB...2 superbowls.

Everyone is sleeping on the Giants this year which is a good thing. They've quietly improved alot this off season. The defense looks alot better, especially with our new 4 man rush and D coordinator. Piere-Paul Umeniora Tuck and Kiwanuka 4 man rush is going to help put our defense back on the map. Our receiving core improved, Eli is coming off a career year with what many called the weakest receiving squad the Giants have had during his time there, and Ahmad Bradshaw won the starting job from Jacobs who will do alot better coming off the bench.

Keep sleepin on the Giants baby.
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