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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Advice on my game?

Due to your height you naturally have better "potential" at college ball than shorter guys already. American basketball is extremely competitive but if you work hard anything is possible. Put in the hard work and in time it will pay off.

Generally speaking I'd say you could use a bit of general sports conditioning to improve you speed in all directions. Kelly Baggett's web site has tons of useful information you can pick up on. check it out if you haven't yet. Another good sports and conditioning web site is

One other thing is your shots seem a little low at times; your release point is usually around your forehead. You should work on raising your release point higher. Since you're decently tall at 6'9" if you can have a higher shot release it'll help you with your shot fakes and higher shots usually mean softer shooting touch as well.

In the whole video I don't think I saw you do any lean back or fade away shots. Those are good skills to have regardless of you height. It'll make you much harder to defend if you give them extra things to think about. Use your natural length to your advantage. With your height, when you simply lean back and have a high release, you should be able to get a great look at the basket (or spot your open team mate). Hook shots too, add them to your arsenal.

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