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Learning to shoot layups
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Originally Posted by bigdaddybluesman
Shot blocking will never be his thing. I would like to see him just clog the middle and make players think twice about driving to the basket.

That's called intimidation.

I think Frye will be more of a shot blocker, he has the wing span and jumping ability. It's something he should work on as well as Curry, who should work on his defense in the paint.

YEAA "intimidation" is what he needs, he needz to use that 280 poundz and make his presence known!...Block a couple of shotz, Foul somebody real hard lol (collinz)

Frye in the last game against the kingz, kind of reminded me of Kurt thomas, when he was on the knickz with the mid-range jumper by the foul line. Kurt would catch the ball and just just shoot that jumper by the foul line. "Kurt thomas in the game, (2 sec later) Kurt thomas with the foul" <--lolol
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