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Default Re: Advice on my game?

Great potential here. Some stuff has already said but heres my 2 cents (As someone who is trying to break into the NBL in Australia).

When your practicing try to over exaggerate your moves. Alot of the time your just using your moves to simply get to your left hand. Against bigger, faster taller and more skilled competition your going to actually have to go somewhere and fake a defender in order to get your shot off.

That brings me to my next point.... USE YOUR RIGHT HAND!!!! If you want to go somewhere with basketball your going to have to get real comfortable with it. At this point its obvious your really not confident with it at all.

I love your awareness on offense. It helps that your so much taller than everyone but some of those passes show that you were keeping your head up and knew where your player was as well as the defence was. Great stuff.

You've got some great fundamentals so keep up that work. Whilst they are great for the level your at they do need to continue to improve.

You need to get stronger and quicker to make it even in the NZBL.

Great potential though as I have already said. Work hard and you never know what can happen :)
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