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Default Re: Pray for me fellow Lakers fans.

Originally Posted by Droth24
Thanks everybody for the prayers! i just got back from my first chemo treatment and the dr. got all of my tests back and said they all came back actually better than he excpected. ill be on chemo for a few months to make me a surgery canidate and then they are going to cutall of this shit out of me. my dr. said i may be the only documented case of this cancer progressing this much this young. so there is no real prognosis because there is nothing to base it off. but its looking very good since i have my youth and i am in really good shape. Time to kick cancers ass.

Praying for you bro! You can beat it!

My mother and Grandmother both got diagnose with cancer a year a part a couple of years back. And both of them now are cancer free and are healthy today!!! God bless you will be in my prayers!!! You can beat it!!!
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