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Default Re: Pray for me fellow Lakers fans.

I am sure you will be alright, and you will look back 20 years from now proud of how you were able to get through it. It will be tough couple years from now while chemotherapy is going. You will stumble along the way, be frustrated and even be angry at times, but I am sure if you keep your mind strong, you will get through it. Just focus on a day at a time and one chemotherapy session at a time.

What year of highschool are you in? My guess is senior year at 17 (I graduated at 18). If you have to, you can always start college a couple years later than normal and just think about relaxing while chemotherapy is going (of course, college work will help take your mind off the chemotherapy; everyone handles things differently so I dunno about you). You can always start off on a fairly easy course load; I suggest part-time college (8-9 credits). You will have enough work to keep your mind focused on something other than the chemotherapy/cancer but not enough for the work to become a burden.

Anyways, keep us updated on how it is going. It is OK to be nervous and even disappointed somewhat, but it is how you deal with it starting this day forth. Leave the disappointment/upset feelings aside, and keep up the "I am going to tackle this down the NFL way." Put all of your feelings, emotion and everything you can draw from your inner-being into the fight. I am sure you will get through.
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