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Originally Posted by bjtrdff
It is, but don't get too excited early.

Im doing my phd in chemistry, and used to do anti-cancer research. Theres a massive difference in compounds killing cancer cells in a petri dish and killing cancer in humans without any side effects.

I successfully made a couple compounds that have promise, but anything still in the phase theyre talking about is still incredibly far off, and an incredible longshot to actually make it to market.

That's not to say this isn't good news or promising by any means, but stories like this tend to make it seem as though anti cancer pills are a year away.

However, all of this stuff adds up. Researchers use previous work to move forward, and it's really important that schools get funding to do work like this that everyone can use and build on.

Exactly. Cancer has been 'cured' like 20 times in the last 50 years... It is harder than it seems at first. While I was at the University of Medicine I studied cancer from the DNA and molecular biology aspect. It looked to be to huge a problem for me to even get really involved in.
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