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Default Re: All-Defensiev teams 1955-1968

Originally Posted by magnax1
I don't think that blocks are really representative of how great a rim protector a player is. Both Hakeem and Robinson's Blocked shots #s are a bit inflated compared to how good they were. I think that Duncan, who I don't think ever got 3+ blocks per game was actually a bit better rim protector because he stayed on the ground, and didn't go very far from the rim to get blocks. It's still interesting to know Russell and Wilt's insane block #s though.

Blocked shots are a much more important defensive stat than steals, IMO. You're right that you have to watch the game to decide how representative blocks are of a player's defense.

I'll use Shaq and Duncan as an example, Shaq's block numbers were more impressive, but Duncan was one of the best at blocking shots and not biting on fakes while Shaq did bite on a good amount of fakes.

When Hakeem was younger that was a real problem with him, though not as much later. Robinson was always a fantastic defensive player and still one of the best in the league through most of his years with Duncan.
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