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Default Re: All-Defensiev teams 1955-1968

Originally Posted by G.O.A.T
Funny you should ask...

I have a list with some candidates from each year and the guy I'm leaning towards based on what I've found out so far, I'll put something together and get that up before too long.

That would be nice. I think these award projections help in evaluating 2 players from different eras by putting their respective accomplishments into perspective. I mean, that is part of the reason why some old-timers are so underrated. The average fan likes to quickly look at a player like Jordan and think, oh he has 6 titles, 6 final MVPs, a DPOY, 9 All-Defensive 1st, etc. For Russell, all that is said is 11 titles. That's it. But when you realize that Russell should have 11 titles, at least 9 Final MVPs, 8 DPOYs (my count), and 13 All-Defensive Selections including 10 or 11 All-Defensive 1st, then you truly realize how great he has been. And it's not like we are just speculating all of this here, he truly would have received all of those awards if they existed and deserves them. Some fans think it's outlandish to have Russell as GOAT. But all they see is 11 titles. When they see 11 titles, 9 Final MVPs, 5 MVPs, 8 DPOYs, and 13 All-Defensive selections, I'm sure no one would considerate outlandish to have Russell as GOAT.
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