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There are so many good trade possibilities for KG that I couldn't possibly list them all. But before I lay out a couple let me just say one thing. Anyone who says that we owe KG and that we can only trade him to a situation that suits him is WRONG! (This means you Glen Taylor) We owe KG? We pay him over $200 million and we owe him? We almost kill the league paying him and we owe him? We Mortgage our future over and over to try to win now for him and WE OWE HIM? That's crap! No deal that helps us is off the table no matter what situation it puts him in. Now on to the possibilities. Chicago, Clippers, NJ, GS, Phoenix, LAL, Indi, and Boston all can give us what we need whether it be young players, cap space, draft picks or some combination of all three. The best of these moves are Chicago and NJ
Chicago could absorb KG's contract and give us players and picks. I like B. Gordon, Nocioni, T. Chandler the #2 + next years Knick pick for KG, Hassle, Griffin, and the #6 pick. Wolves get youth, move up in the draft, get short contracts and a pick in the greatest draft ever, 2007. Chicago gets interior offense (their greatest weakness) a defensive two guard (their greatest want) and still have a pick to take a swing like Gay or Roy. Add Prysbylla and whoever at #16 and they are a title contender. Jersey could give us Jefferson, Nened, McInnis, and C. Robinson + a first this year and next for KG and the pretty little pig tailed girl.
Either one gives us good young players, picks and cap flexibility. Exactly what is needed to rebuild.
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