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Originally Posted by Indian guy
Great clips, LOKI. Post as many as you have...

MJ's ability to go from 0 to 100 in no time was incredible. His speed and quickness remains unmatched to date.

Well, since you asked (and since I'm not enough of a loser to create an entire topic dedicated to these ), here are a few more.

Crazy layup as a Wizard:

Abusing Rex Chapman in the post:

Scraping Joe Dumars with a crossover (I have this game on DVD, so I need to get this from the normal game angle one day; amazingly, there was no other player near them-- it was MJ and Joe D iso'd out high as he brought the ball up-- he caught him nasty. He did the same to John Starks a couple of times in the '92 playoffs that I need to extract from my games):

Breakaway facial on some poor Knick:

Nice play versus Pistons that really illustrates Jordan's recognition. He instinctively knew where the defense was weakest and immediately reacted; in this clip, he sees that the defense is strong towards the middle, with 3 players there, so even before he receives the ball off the curl, he changes his footwork to spin back the other way, away from the pressure:

James Edwards with the "last resort" defense against Jordan on the pick and roll. In the last replay, you can see Dumars push him so that he can't come off the screen as tightly as he wanted to (which would give the help defense more time to react to close that gap; unfortunately, Edwards was late):

Fastbreak jam against the 76'ers from the '91 playoffs. Note the distance he covers on his hop step (where he brings the ball over the defenders' arms to split them) and the speed at which he does it:

Gerald Wilkins gets his sh!t sent twice by Jordan on the same play:

Lastly, here's a youtube video by the user "hoopsencyclopedia" (who puts up lots of complete Jordan games on youtube-- check his profile) of Jordan's 56-point game versus Miami in the '92 playoffs. He had 2 points in the first quarter, and after the first, a guy on the Heat said to him, "hey Mike, you're done; we're shutting you down tonight!" He then proceeded to drop 54 in the final 3 quarters to complete Chicago's 3 game sweep of Miami. Some awesome plays on here:

Originally Posted by ShannonElements
A DVD collection? Which one? A link?

I bought many DVD's from this site:

Pretty expensive, but it's the only service of its kind available online (there's one other guy who offers either VHS or DVD, but his pricing is similar). She's very reliable and prompt.

At any rate, I have some time on my hands now, so I should be able to get some more clips from these old games onto my PC, so perhaps I'll update this in the coming days. :)

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